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What's the 3 things each executive needs to travel!

May 27, 2013

As a busy executive running his own businesses, Ketan Pandya realizes that many people on the go have tons of different priorities when they get to their destination, as well as many meetings and consults pulling them in different directions.

So we sat down with Ketan Pandya and asked him how he travels and what he recommends are the top 3 essentials that every busy mobile worker needs.

"If I found out I had to make a quick trip someplace, then I want to travel light of course", said Ketan Pandya of Austin Texas.  "I would bring the bare essentials - which means dumping the heavy stuff, so my top 3 would be:

1.  Of course - an iPad with 4g - that goes without saying and leave the bulky and clunkly Dell PC at home
2.  A backpack that can hold an overnight change of clothes...I recommed Arcteryx as they compartmentalize the best
3.  Highest level of airline and hotel reward level...b/c then your check in, check out, gym, room service, wifi, etc - are generally all inclusive" added Ketan Pandya

Next month we will ask another Austin Texas executive for his or her top 3 essentials for road warriors.